Uncia uncia

Snow leopard

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Mammals (Mammalia)
Order Carnivores (Carnivora)
Family Cats (Felidae)
Genus Snow leopards (Uncia)
Species Authority Schreber, 1775
Summary Status: rare (Category III), it is decreasing in range and population size. It lives in the alpine areas of the Tian Shan mountains and in the sub-alpine and alpine belts of the Tarbagatai, Saur and Altai mountains. The total number of this species in Kazakstan does not exceed 200 individuals. The main factors contributing to its limited distribution are poaching and the reduction of prey animals. In the Almaty Zoo captive breeding was successfull in 1976 and 1985. The snow leopard is protected in the Aksu-Dzhabagly, Almaty and Markakol Reserves and three other preserves. To ensure the survival of the snow leopard, it is necessary to create a reserve in the Dzhungar mountains and to improve protection measures in existing reserves.

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