Tetraogallus altaicus

Altai snowcock

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Birds (Aves)
Order  (Galliformes)
Family  (Phasianidae)
Genus  (Tetraogallus)
Species Authority Gebler, 1836
Summary Status: vulnerable (Category II), rarely seen within its narrow habitat in East Kazakstan Region, it inhabits only the alpine areas of the southern Altai mountains, including the Markakol Reserve. It is a resident bird, and overwinters in Kazakstan in flocks of 2 to 30 individuals. The population size in Kazakstan is unknown; but given the very small habitat it is most likely less than a few 100. To protect the Altai snowcock, it is essential to increase protective measures and to educate hunters and shepherds. Poaching must be strictly prohibited.

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