Pelecanus crisppus

Dalmatian pelican

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Birds (Aves)
Order  (Pelecaniformes)
Family  (Pelecanidae)
Genus  (Pelecanus)
Species Authority Bruch, 1832
Summary Status: rare (Category II), local habitat only. Distributed in southern Europe, Western Siberia and Mongolia. It is listed in the Red Data Books of the IUCN, Russia and Ukraine. In Kazakstan, the dalmatian pelican nests within water basins of the Ural region, along the Caspian Sea coast and in the Torgai and Naurzum Reserves. The population in Kazakstan numbers approximately 2,000 pairs. Basic limiting factors are human activities, environmental pollution, water and soil chemical contamination and poaching. It is necessary to create reserves near the mouths of the Ili, Tentek and Black Irtysh Rivers. In addition, to help protect this pelican, the Kushmurun and Sarykop Lakes should be given international status.

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