Larus relictus

Relict gull

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Birds (Aves)
Order  (Charadriiformes)
Family  (Laridae)
Genus  (Larus)
Species Authority Lonnberg, 1931
Summary Status: endangered (Category I), only two nesting areas are known: one in the southeast Transbaikal area and the other in eastern Kazakstan, where colonies exist together with other gull birds on small islands in salty lakes. The estimated worldwide population is about 5,000 individuals. In Kazakstan only 20 to 1,200 birds nested in recent years. The Reliktovaya Chaika Preserve was created to protect the breeding colony on Lake Alakol. A Lake Alakol Preserve should be created to fully protect the relict gull and other endangered birds.

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