Bubo bubo

Northern eagle owl

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Birds (Aves)
Order  (Strigiformes)
Family  (Strigidae)
Genus  (Bubo)
Species Authority Linnaeus, 1758
Summary Status: vulnerable (Category II), rarely observed and declining in number. It is found throughout Eurasia. In Kazakstan the northern eagle owl is sporadically distributed in desert, steppe and mountain-forest landscapes. Population numbers are unknown. In Kazakstan, this bird is hunted for feathers to decorate national dresses and to make talismans. Severe winters and deaths on electrical power lines contribute to the declining population. In the Almaty Zoo this owl has been reproducing since 1949. It is protected in the Almaty, Aksu-Dzhabagly, Ustyurt, Naurzum and Markakol Reserves. Educational programs are required to protect this bird. Hunting must also be forbidden.

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