Circaetus gallicus

Short-toed snake-eagle

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Birds (Aves)
Order  (Falconiformes)
Family  (Accipitridae)
Genus  (Circaetus)
Species Authority Gmelin, 1788
Summary Status: endangered (Category II), rarely observed and declining in number, it is widely distributed in Africa and Eurasia. In Kazakstan, the short-toed snake-eagle in-habits all of the southern areas of sandy deserts, desert-mountains and dry foothills. Bird populations have not been determined, but it is clear that the population has continued to decline during the last several years. The main limiting factors include deaths on electrical transmission lines, shooting by poachers and human activity near their nests. There is one individual in the Shymkent Zoo and one in the Almaty Zoo. To protect this species, it is necessary to create reserves in the Karatau Mountains, in the Betpak Dala and Kyzyl Kum Deserts and in the Ili River valley.

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