Aspiolucius esocinus

Pike asp

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Fish (Pisces)
Order Cyprinid fishes (Cypriniformes)
Family Carps (Cyprinidae)
Genus Pike asps (Aspiolucius)
Species Authority Kessler, 1874
Summary Status: endangered (Category I), decreasing in numbers due to decreasing habitat in Kazakstan. It lives in the mainstreams, channels and large water reservoirs of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya River Basins. One of only two known species of this genus, the other found in the rivers of Vietnam; the pike asp was previously listed in The Red Data Book of the USSR as a rare endemic species (Category III). Adults reach 50 cm in length and weigh up to 3 kg. Artificial breeding has not been done. The main threat to this fish is irrigation and hydrotechnical construction.

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