Schizothorax argentatus pseudaksaiensis

Ili marinka

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Fish (Pisces)
Order Cyprinid fishes (Cypriniformes)
Family Carps (Cyprinidae)
Genus Marinkas (Schizothorax)
Species Authority Herzenstein
Summary Status: endangered (Category I), an ende-mic population once existed in the Ili River, but may now be extinct. The Ili marinkas habitat also includes Lake Balkhash and the large rivers of the Lake Balkhash Basin. Adults reach 100 cm and up to 12 kg and may live up to 17-19 years. The main reasons for its declining population are poaching and competition from introduced species (such as the European pike perch, pike asp and the giant channel catfish). In the Ili River, populations were adversely impacted by changes in flow rates and water levels. Experiments to artificially breed this species with Balkhash marinka have been conducted. It will be necessary to increase the stocks of this subspecies (primarily in the Ili River) by breeding with hybrid forms.

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