Stenodus leucichtys nelma

Inconnu (bukhtarma-zaysan population)

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Fish (Pisces)
Order Salmonids (Salmoniformes)
Family Ciscos (Coregonidae)
Genus Inconnus (Stenodus)
Species Authority Pallas, 1773
Summary Status: vulnerable (Category II), unique type of inconnu whose population is rapidly decreasing. This form of inconnu inhabits the upper Irtysh River, Bukhtarma Reservoir and the Chorniy Irtysh River area. Taking of this fish has been prohibited since 1957. It is a large fish: adults can reach 70 cm long, weigh up to 5 kg, and may live for 7 years. Artificial breeding has not been undertaken. It is necessary to set up breeding programs in the Bukhtarma Re-servoir. Protective measures against poaching also need to be instituted.

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