Pseudoscaphirhynchus fedtschenkoi

Syr darya shovelnose

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Fish (Pisces)
Order Sturgeons (Acipenseriformes)
Family Sturgeons (Acipenseridae)
Genus Aral shovelnoses (Pseudoscaphirhynchus)
Species Authority Kessler
Summary Status: endangered (Category I), very rare endemic species which is on the verge of extinction (may be extinct already). It previously inhabited the Syr Darya River Basin from the Kara Darya River downstream. Adults grow up to 27 cm long. Always rare in Kazakstan, the Syr Darya shovelnose has not been recorded in the wild for more than 25 years. This fish has been listed in The Red Data Book of Kazakstan since 1978. Protected areas need to be established in those sites where remnant populations might still exist. Some genomic material has been cryopreserved: live specimens should be collected and propagated in order to preserve more of its genome.

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