Equus hemionus

Central asian wild ass

Phylum Chordates (Chordata)
Class Mammals (Mammalia)
Order Odd-hoofed mammals (Perissodactyla)
Family Horses (Equidae)
Genus Horses (Equus)
Species Authority Boddaert, 1785
Summary Status: vulnerable (Category II), introduced into Kazakstan in 1953, this species can be found in the Taldykorghan, Zhambyl and Manghystau Regions. It inhabits plains, hilly deserts and semi-deserts, as well as foothills and low mountains. The basic limiting factors are an insufficient number of breeding pairs, poaching, severe winters and droughts. The total population in Kazakstan is estimated to be 700 individuals. This horse lives in the Almaty and Karaganda Zoos, where captive breeding has been successfull. To preserve the species in Kazakstan, it is necessary to bring in more active adult horses from Turkmenistan and to continue introduction of the species in the southern Balkhash area.

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